The Waterford Restaurant’s Cape Wine Experience – Spring Edition.

Date: Friday 08 September 2017

Journey with us as we continue the Cape Wine Experience in the city of gold. Enjoy our creation of contemporary fusion food delicately paired with this months’ featured wines of the award winning Stellenbosch Hills – where soils are deep and cool, and the hills are sunny and bright! The conditions are perfect for growing grapes.

Stellenbosch Hills –  is an award winning producer located in the farming district of Vlottenburg, eight kilometres outside South Africa’s viniferous capital, Stellenbosch.

They are renowned for producing a wide selection of quality wines.

The grapes are sourced from a broad spectrum of terroirs. The diversity of soils, climate and topography enables them to select the best cultivars and premium quality fruit to produce a greater variety of distinctive wines, all of which are vinified in their state of the art cellar.