Immerse yourself in a Bar that is perfectly located to unwind while the city bleeds traffic through its arterial road network. ALUMNI BAR@KERZNER takes you through a spiritual classic cocktail experience that boasts original creations of internationally known classics from across the globe.

Choose your preferred location. Check in.

Enjoy your global classic journey.

London? Singapore? or Cuba? ALUMNI BAR@KERZNER captures your senses with classic cocktail features that take guests on a worldly journey.

Enjoy panoramic views of the city’s most breathtaking cosmopolitan skylines while sipping on well-crafted classic cocktails created by ALUMNI BAR@KERZNER’s own mixologists. Enjoy a scene of Johannesburg while sipping on a Manhattan – the perfect drink to match your metropolitan view.

So, sip, savor and soak in the city.

Opens Fridays 14:30 – 21:00